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da dabei Posted on Apr 30, 2012 20:53

pictures of my exhibition JUMP ON MY SHOULDERS
other time there will be some views of the opening
charlotte made me a great brooch with the help of a champagne clasp

now – eyes wide
room 1,2,3

me and my brother felix


jump jump

da dabei Posted on Mar 22, 2012 19:32


Anabel Leiner Malerei

Vernissage Samstag, 14. April 20:00 Uhr

mit tonarmer Musik von monsieur m

Geöffnet Sonntag, 15. April 14–21:00 Uhr

Ausklang 17–21:00 Uhr

Müsik von der Platte mit NIKAE (Golden Pudel)



Zugang über den Hinterhof

Bodenstedtstrasse 16

22765 Hamburg

salon art prize 2011

da dabei Posted on Oct 02, 2011 10:36

My picture process III has been selected for this year’s Salon Art Prize Show. The fifth annual open submission received 1650 submissions wherefrom 69 artists were chosen for the exhibition.

The selected exhibitors are: Joan Ainley, Majed Aslam, Vasileos Avramidis, Leo Babsky, Natalie Bent, Catrine Bodum, Miranda Boulton, E A Byrne, Alfonsina Capurro, Stephen Carter, Fanny Chan, Ting-Tong Chang, Roderick Clark, James Clarkson, Emma Cousin, Richard Cramp, Freddy Dewe Mathews, Rebecca Dick, Luke Drozd, Jane Emberson, Marcela Florido, Anna Flemming, Sarah Francis, Inguna Gremzde, Teal Griffin, Evi Grigoropoulou, Le Guo, Chris Hamer, Claire Hamilton, Aly Helyer, Richard Higlett, Caroline Holt-Wilson, Matthew Houlding, Phil Illingworth, Chiho Iwase, Charlotte Jonerheim, Annamaria Kardos, Jonathan Kelly, Helen Kincaid, Jumpei Kinoshita, Calvin Laing, John Lavell, Oyekan Lawson, Chantal Le Doux, Junghwa Lee, Anabel Leiner, Michelle-Marie Letelier, Geoff Litherland, Zoe Lloyd, Gemma Lowe, Nadine Mahoney, Matthew McGuinness, Patrick Milsom, Selma Parlour, Edd Pearman, Clare Petherick, Rudolf Reiber, Frances Richardson, Peter Roseman, Melanie Russell, Claudia Sarnthein, David A.Smith, Ruth Stanley, Sonia Stanyard, Cherry Tenneson, Marek Tobolewski, Sarah Van Marcke, Belen Zahera, Rafal Zawistowski

Private View: Thursday 6th October, 6:30 – 9 pm
Open: Friday to Sunday, 7th – 29th October, 12 -6pm

Matt Roberts Arts
25 Vyner Street
London, E2 9DG

The three prize winners will be announced
on 7th October.


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